One-on-one coaching

superior guidance

After an intake session, a 6-month personal treatment plan will be  drawn up based on your needs, wishes, personal health history and present health status.

The intake consultation costs 50 € / 60 minutes

A personized  plan is drawn.

Sessions are planned bi-weekly.

Dietary supplements can be part of the treatment plan .

* Reimbursement depends on your health insurance company.

** For diabetes education, provided a clear prescription from your general practitioner stating your phase and their expectations.  For the preliminary phase diabetic care or advanced phase diabetic care. For more information on the healthcare systems for diabetics in Belgium 


*** Guidance of obese children, to be discussed case by case.

Reimbursement of dietetics for overweight or obese children

Virtual guidance

Virtual guidance

All consultations can be converted into video consultations. Nutritional counseling and coaching is possible from home, during your holidays or on a business trip. Continuity is guaranteed.

Nutriportal makes it possible to keep track of all your data and to work clearly.

Eating pattern, sleeping pattern, feelings, complaints as a result of ill health patterns, movement, weight,  feedback from the coach is possible.

*All consultations are automatically converted to online consultations during quarantine.

Body analyzes

Determining your body composition

To measure is to know, but what does your weight or BMI say about your health? That you weigh too much compared to your height.  A quick way to say something and still say somenothing.


With the SECA 525, your body composition is accurately measured. This way you quickly understand how you can best reduce your fat mass, increase your sketel muscles, hydrated yourself and check out your nutritional status using phase angle.