Certified integrative health coach Orthomolecular Dietician

Selah Fondeck

Passion for integrative lifestyle medicine

In 1999 I graduated with distinction as a bachelor in nutrition and diet science at the Katholieke Hogeschool  Rega in Leuven. I chose this course of study because of my passion for food and health.


In my twenties I was willing to take on various challenges,  I applied for different positions. As a young parent of 2 children, job security was a priority, today I realize that all those experiences were important building blocks of my current competence.

I started as a lab technician for SES Europe. For three years I worked as a project assistant at KU Leuven R&D for the food chemistry laboratory. I was a dietitian at AZ St Maarten in Duffel and at UZ Antwerp.

Then I worked as a medical secretary at Euradconsult. I combined an employment as a dietitian / chef in care center De Edelweis with my private practice: 'Food, Health and Lifestyle'. In addition, I taught at Levanto (Training Logistics Assistants), gave lectures for CM, retraining for the staff of 'Zorgzaam' and consultations for Well2day (De Voorzorg - Mechelen).

In 2006 I obtained my postbaccalaureate certificate as a diabetes educator at Artevelde University College Ghent . Afterwards I decided to focus on one job to invest more time in my family. I started as a Clinical Trial Assistant for Tibotec-Virco Mechelen until 2008. Tibotec moved to Beerse. In 2009 I was employed by Weight Watchers, department of programming, development and database processing. A little later I started working again as a dietitian at Emmaüs (AZ Sint Maarten) Duffel until 2015.

In the meantime, I obtained a second postbaccalaureate certificate as a pediatric dietitian and  also trained as an ACT trainer.


Now I work coordinate nutritonal projects for hospital AZ Sint-Maarten Mechelen in combination with my practice ACT2Nourish.

In 2015 I obtained my third postbaccalaureate certificate in clinical nutrition: a training on the importance of (clinical) nutrition in healthcare. More insights about enteral (tube feeding) and parenteral nutrition. Training at Odisee Ghent.

Life has not been easy but it's worth it.


Why complementary medicine?

In 2013 my son was diagnosed with crohn's disease. After 3 years of classical medicine and limited  improvement.  I started a search for more information on inflammatory diseases and their nutritional treatments in collaboration with our pediatric gastroenterologist.


Classic nutrition could not provide me with the answers to help my child.  In my search I came across functional medicine, restoring the microbiome and orthomoleculaire healthcare.  As a result of the positive results that followed after adapting  his protocol a new world of complementary medicine opened up. I was fascinated how my own health improved as I also made some changes.

My curiousity grew, I wanted to explore this new world of holistic medicine. 

In June 2018,  I obtained my certification as a therapist in orthomolecular health care.

For diagnoses such as diabetes, obesity, intestinal diseases, fibromyalgia, food allergies. I start my intake by listening to your story.  I will take into account the microbiome (intestinal flora) including probiotics and prebiotics, gut permeability (leaky gut), immunonutrition, phytotherapy and the use of high-quality foods and nutritional supplements to support the body.

All this, off course, adapted to the needs of my customer, a holistic approach and coaching for optimal health.

Certified integrative health coach and nutrition

In 2019 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques and more than 100 diet theories - Ayurveda, gluten free, Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics and everything in between.

My education has provided me with extensive, advanced knowledge in the field of holistic nutrition, health coaching and prevention. Based on my expertise, I work with my clients to make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that deliver real and lasting results. You will gain a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that suit you best, improving your energy, balance, health and happiness.


Approval number RIZIV as diabetes educator -dietician: 5-60835-19-701

Member of

Flemish Professional Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians (VBVD).

Member of the Diabetes League as a diabetes educator.

Member of ACBS ( Association for Contextual Behavioral Science ) as ACT coach

BBOW vzw is the Belgian professional association for doctors and therapists specializing in orthomolecular science.

Where are you from? 

This is a frequently asked question.

Understandable, off coursebecause I look different.

Somewhere in the 70's a girl from Limburg meets a Cameroonian student at KULeuven. It was not easy at the time to be a mixed couple, but the two idealists did it anyway.

After both graduated and my mother was pregnant, they choose to raise me in Cameroon. I was born in 1977 and lived in Cameroon until I was 16 years. Growing up, I frequently travelled to Belgium to spend the summer hoolidays with the  other half of my family..

At the age of 16, I moved to Belgium, and lived in a small town Herk-de-stad with my aunt and her family.

When I completed my studies in Leuven, I stay there for another 3 years with my young family of 2 kids. Later on we moved to Mechelen.

Today live in Mechelen with as a single mother with 2 grown kids.



I will guide you to have a better relationship with your food and choose a supported lifestyle.

I will also help you to change your lifestyle gradually,  so that you can achieve your current and future health goals.

It is a health journey,

the learning process is as important as the results