The ACT2Nourish Model

The Lotus

Self love and self compassion as important ingredients for lifestyle medicine

Is lifestyle coaching for you?

As an integrative nutrition health coach - orthomolecular dietician, my goal is to set up a personal program for you in which I can coach you to achieve your desired lifestyle.

I strive to make every session and contact moment a memorable experience, focusing on providing actionable tools and content for a health transformation.

I listen carefully to your story and guide  you to find some peace in the contradictory world of nutrition and health.

Together we look for what is useful and applicable.

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means looking at how all areas of your life are related. Does the tension on your job or in your relationship(s) lead to overeating? Does your lack of sleep or fatigue prevent your intention to move? Working together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

I work with my clients to teach them to connect with their bodily needs, because I understand that life is dynamic, and their needs change with it. I want to provide you with the self-awareness to make the best decisions for yourself in a given situation. I believe everyone is fully capable of making informed decisions like their own expert, not the latest magazine article or diet book.

Let's define what you value most about your well-being. We use your vision to motivate specific goals that bring you closer to your needs. As your coach, I won't dictate a diet for you, but together we'll explore why some foods feel better than others. As a dietician- othomolculaire health care professional I will use my knowlegde to help you  make better decision based on  nutritional science.

Together we put together your achievable health goals, so you know exactly what you are aiming for.


Together we will

  • Connecting the dots between who you are and who you want to be.

  • Create your personal blueprint.

  • Decipher and keep accounts with your unique physical needs.

  • Set your personal goals and work on sustainable change.


Curious about your treatment plan?

Together we creat your treatmentplan after our intake

Acceptance Commitent Training is one of the new scientifically proven forms of therapy within behavioral therapy.

The goal of ACT is to have a rich and meaningful life, while accepting the unpleasant experience that inevitably goes with it.

A rich and meaningful life is different for everyone, but when we want to adjust our lifestyle because of a clinical diagnosis or choising to be healthier,  we are easily confronted with inner barriers, frustrations, disappointment, failures ...

Nutritional counseling based on ACT, uses the tools of ACT to consciously experience the inner processes during the behavioral change, learn to deal differently with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and perceptions to achieve the desired actions.

Possible nutritional therapies

With expert advice and proactive coaching, you will quickly excel in a way you never thought possible.


  • Healthy food for yourself and your family as a vegan, vegetarian food, or other person alternatieve eating lifestyles

  • Recovery of bowel complaints (constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Slimming - not a diet but a personal approach to sustainable weight loss

  • Diabetes, insulin resistance

  • A healthy relationship with food - from emotional eating, eating problems, or eating disorders

  • Malnutrition and muscle building

  • Food allergies and tolerances